automatic doors seals

Automatic door seals , also known as automatic door bottom seals or drop-down door seals, are specialized sealing components used with automatic or sliding doors in various settings, including commercial buildings, hospitals, retail stores, and residential entrances. These seals are designed to provide an effective barrier against drafts, sound, smoke, dust, pests, and light when the door is in a closed position. Automatic door seals play a critical role in maintaining energy efficiency, indoor comfort, security, and hygiene. Here are key features and functions of automatic door seals: **1. Automatic Operation:** These seals are engineered to be self-activating and adjust automatically when the door is in the closed position. When the door is closed, the seal mechanism is engaged, creating a tight seal along the bottom of the door. **2. Sealing Mechanism:** Automatic door seals typically consist of a housing or casing mounted on the door's bottom edge. Inside the housing, ther

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